The ISON IS-DG500/DG500P Series Managed Ethernet Switch/Power-over-Ethernet Switch features the highest specifications at the most affordable price. Achieving an Industrial Internet of Things can be cost-effective!


The ISON IS-DG500/DG500P Series Managed Ethernet Switch is widely adopted in global applications, such as the outdoor CCTV surveillance in Dubai, solar power plant in Thailand, infrastructure and video surveillance of world-renowned airports and frozen food plants. In addition to the wide bandwidth network data transmission, the product series also offers world-leading hardware specifications, such as the 2KV surge protection of the RJ45 port, stringent product testing under wide temperature ranges (-40~75ºC), while the Power-over-Ethernet Switch (IS-DG500P Series) also offers Gigabit ports up to 30 watts, marking the highest specification in the industry!


Furthermore, the Gigabit port series (IS-DG300/DG300P) of the ISON Unmanaged Ethernet Switch also provides similar-grade specifications, and fast, stable, and reliable network transmissions. When applied in the Industry 4.0 systems in smart factories, the product can enable industries to greatly reduce maintenance costs.


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