The layer 2 rackmount ISON Industrial Ethernet switch IS-RG500 Series offers more flexible rackmount, DIN rail, wall mount or couple mount installation options. It is designed with a similar height as the standard 19-inch rackmount switch but only half its length, suitable to use as backup PLC application of hot-cold standby or distribution control system (DCS) in factory automation. The IS-RG500 series offers customers more flexibility in cost planning and future expansion options.

Not only is IS-RG500 Series equipped with gigabit ports, full temperature range, RJ45 port, 2KV surge protection, etc. like ISON and other Industrial Ethernet switches, it is superior to the hardware specifications of the industry and even designed with 10KV anti-lightning protection on the power module. The compact size and flexible installation options are ideal for outdoor applications. It supports standard 110/220VAC and DC input, no need to install an additional power converter, and favorable for on-site installation and conveniences. In terms of software, it supports ISON-specific I.A. Ring/I.A. Chain redundancy protocol, especially suitable for a wide range of long-distance applications, such as green control and monitoring of traffic signal control boxes, side rails, solar or wind power applications.

Wall mount

Rack mount


In addition, the flexible expansion and installation feature of IS-RG500 series also provides a better cost-saving option for the manufacturing industry that needs to continuously expand the production line. In the early stage of plant establishment, you only need to set up a small-scale network system before expanding the network equipment until it is necessary to increase the operation and production. If you choose the rackmount installation method for IS-RG500 series, it will not take up extra space in future expansion.

Couple mount

In terms of software, in addition to ISON’s unique I.A. Ring/I.A. Chain redundancy protocol, it also supports all high-level security, such as ACL, QCL, VCL, IEEE 802.1X, and other advanced functions. Besides IPV4 applications, you can also rest assure of integrating it in relevant IPV6 applications, such as MLD, MLD snooping, etc. Furthermore, with the help of cable test, loop protection and other value-added features, it will not cause network storm or communication interruption in system caused by wrong connection.


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